Charles Drew

Co. 69

Charles Drew


Family Charles' father and mother were George and Jane. He had three siblings; Daisy, Herbert and Bella. The Drew family's religion was Church of Ireland. There is a gravestone in St. Marys Church Askeaton in remembrance of them. On this gravestone it says "Charles George killed in France in the Great War April 1918 aged 27.


Charles attended school in Kilcornan. The school was built in 1841 on land donated by a poet named Sir Aubrey de Vere. The school had two classrooms and on top was the teachers' residency. It was valued at only three pounds. The school closed in 1953 when a new school opened in Kilcornan. The first picture you see is of the steps going into the upstairs of the school. The second picture of the inside of the upstairs.


Charles Drew died on the 12th of April 1918 at the age of 27. He is buried in Missines Ridge Cemetery. According to records he was originally buried somewhere else before being reburied in Missines Ridge Cemetery. His name Charles Drew was taken from a wallet in insanitary condition found on body. He was found in officers clothing.


In 1914 Charles was awarded the South Irish Horse medal. He didn't receive this until the 28th of August 1915.

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