Otto Herbst

Co. 59

early Life

  • Otto was born on 23 December 1894
  • He received his first education in Groß Gerau
  • Otto entered the sexta of the Ludwig-Georg Gymnasium
  • In March 8, 1913 Otto graduated from University


  • Early in his career, Otto showed the inclination to become an Officer
  • The need for recruits greatly exceeded the supply, and so Otto decided, with the consent of his parents, to join the Army in Landsherr
  • On December 30th 1912 he took his position as a flag-boy in the 1st Nassauian Infantry Regiment no 87 in Mainz
  • On March 11th 1913 he entered the active service, was appointed as a corporal in July, and on 13th August became an Officer
  • On the 28th of August he entered the war school in Gdansk
  • His appointment to the regiment took place in November 1913
  • On May 19th 1914 he left the war school after a successful examination, and he immediately received 14 days leave
  • He was appointed as Sword Officer on June 2nd and on June 20th he became an active lieutenant

Involvement in WW1

  • On the 29th of July, Otto Left his home & Parents
  • On August 7th Otto Herbst as an officer of the 6th company of his regiment, advanced into the field
  • In the heavy fighting on the Meuse in Belgium, his regiment suffered heavy losses of officers and men
  • Otto`s loyal friend Shayrer, Lieutenant in the 7th company also fell in Deschamps in Belgium
  • On the 29th of August Otto Herbst was named the leader of the 7th company. He fought bravely in about 20 battles and was a shining example for his subordinates in faithful service
  • On the 27th of September, at the head of his company, he fell in the battle of Solente after he had taken an enemy shelter and captured a number of French prisoners
  • Later in this Battle he was shot in the head and torso and he died instantly.
  • Mr. Nowak Hauptmann, Regiment leader wrote to his parents:

“To my great regret, I must tell you that your son Otto, fighting in the battle at Solente on September 27th has died. He suffered a head shot and died instantly. He died a hero’s death for the fatherland. His faithfulness to his team was a true model, his memory will be held in high respects in the regiment and in history.

The deceased was buried in the cemetery at Solente with military honours"

  • Lieutenant Otto Herbst gave his young, difficult life for his fatherland. Deep is the pain of his relatives at his loss. God grant that the sacrifices which war demands are not brought in vain.

Letter to his parents:

Dear parents,

After I had arrived well yesterday, I found out that at four o'clock this morning we had to set out with a pack and a pistol. I bought the knapsack at Wellhausen and had a pistol from the company. At 6 o'clock the packages arrived, and everything was gratefully received. The white shirt from the washing table is also there.

At present it is difficult to write to you. In any case, mobilization takes place soon. We will stay here for another six days, since we are first army reserves. If mobilization is successful, Father can come over to help me to procure the missing things, since I will be very busy.

You don't need to be upset, mobilization is not war yet. And when it comes to war, then help us all in God's name.

Be sincerely greeted by your faithful son

Could not write unfortunately

Get to know me

First of all, my name is Nurcan and I'm seventeen years old. My Nationality is German and I'm living in Frankfurt am Main. I'm a student of the Liebigschool. Obviously, I'm a member of the 'my adopted Soldier' project that took place on June 20th till June 24th :) I enjoy painting and reading in my free time. Furthermore my Leistungskurse in school are Englisch,Art and History with Herr Liepach.