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Women in World War I

Grafin Katherina von der Schulenburg

Katherina was a volunteer nurse and also chief nurse.
She was born March 5, 1867 and died September 2, 1914.
Her father was Günter von der Schulenburg (1819-1895)
Her mother Adelheit von der Schulenburg (1834-1870)

Leutbera Herbst

Leutbera was a nurse and was deployed in ‘‘ Kaiserliches Lazarett 664 Abteilung 20 ‘‘
She died of a lung infection

Anna Heimeyer

Anna was an assistant nurse and died March 23, 1918

Women in World War I

In general, the war was considered work for men and the women were recruited as replacements. Women worked as assistants or as nurses at the frontline because of the lack of nursing staff. By 1914 assistants and nurses from the ‘’ Rote-Kreuz ’’ had started to assist. Around 25000 helped in the war. Most of the women worked as volunteers. They worked without pay.

My story

My name is Florentine Imeri, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Frankfurt, Germany.

I'm one of the members of the “My adopted soldier” project. The first time our teacher told us about it I was kind of nervous but happy to be a part of this project.

I was nervous to talk to the Irish students and exchange my knowledge with them about the first world war. We had to prepare a presentation about a soldier and present the soldier in front of the students. I prepared a presentation about nurses or rather women in World War I. Some of the students had the honour to present their soldier at the cemetery of the soldiers.

I did not expect that I would learn so much from this project. First of all, I thought it's going to be a boring trip and really strenuous. It was strenuous but such an honour. We visited lots of cemeteries, a museum and the European Parliament. I would do a project like this every time again. Even if it was really strenuous and I was afraid to talk free in English.