Georg Kornmann

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Georg Kornmann


  • Born: 7th April 1892 in Darmstadt
  • Son of Wilhelm Kornmann (Vather), who worked as a tax inspector and Luise Kornmann (mother) (Jöckel)
  • Entered primary school in 1898 (6 years)
  • Entered high school in 1901 (9 years)
  • Finished school with the Primärreife (superior graduation)

Civil Life:

  • After school, Georg began his apprenticeship as tax inspector
  • In 1914 Georg passed his exam with excellent results and started to work for the Kaiserreich´s financial administration.

Life as a Soldier:

  • In 1914 after the outbreak of the war Georg immediately registered as a volunteer. He was assigned to the 221st Inf. Reserve regiment, at first operating on the eastern front. Later posted to Verdun
  • In winter 1914 he suffers a minor injury in the battle of Łódź
  • After he had recovered from his injury he was assigned to the 88th Inf. Reserve regiment
  • In 1915 he was promoted and finished by being lieutenant of the reserve
  • Afterwards (1917) he was reassigned to the 221st Inf. Reserve regiment, now operating in Verdun
  • On the 21st August 1917 Georg suffered a life-threatening injury and was brought to a French prisoner-of-war-camp where he received first aid
  • Georg died of an infection in August 1917

Battlefield of Verdun 

This is a detailed diary about the "Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 221." It is written by the soldiers Hirschel and Meißinger. It includes detailed information, about almost all actions of the regiment.

Pictures taken at the eastern front 


Additional information:

Georg probably had a brother-in-law [His Sister (Sophie's) husband], mentioned in a letter to his parents. He apparently died a couple of months before Georg’s death.

Due to his merits on the eastern front, Georg received the following Medals:

  • Eisernes Kreuz Klasse 2
  • Hessische Medaille für Tapferkeit
  • Hessisches Kriegerehrenzeichen

This is Georg’s CV written by his father Wilhelm. Wilhelm followed the request to bring any item of lost soldiers to the archives of Darmstadt, in order to conserve them for posterity

Lieutenant Georg Kornmann was born on 7. April 1892 in Darmstadt. As son of the tax inspector Wilhelm Kornmann and his wife Luise (Jöckel), he attended pre-school from his 6th birthday until he entered the primary school aged 9 years. After his graduation (Primarreife) he began his apprenticeship as tax inspector. In spring 1914 he passed his exam with great success. When the war began he was already working for the Kaiserreichs financial administration in two different positions. Nonetheless he immediately assigned as volunteer after the outbreak of war. [...] On 29th August he died due to his injury in the military hospital of Wodloincourt.

Georg after his promotion to lieutenant

There is also a letter Georg wrote after he was assigned to the western front

Dear Parents,

A couple of days have already passed since I got the news about Julius Tab. I wanted to write earlier, I started every day, but I was not able to! Now it’s over, he eventually died a heroic death. But why did he die? Of all the people fighting in this war, why not me? I have deepest empathy for Sophie's loss, he was everything to her. I have not written to her yet.

I really do not know what to write to such a little girl, especially at such a hard time. Of course, not about his heroic death! Maybe mom can express my compassion to her.

By the way I am really thankful for her letter. I got it just before the Newspaper. Even today I have difficulties writing this letter, but I had to, in order to prevent your fear about my assignment in France. It is quite peaceful, and we will stay here for a while. Have to go now. Thanks for the package.

Affectionate regards Georg

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