James Lyle Hay

Co. Galway

lt. james Lyle Hay

Early life

James Lyle Hay was born in 1896, he grew up on the Clonbrock Demesne, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.
His father, William, was a steward for the lord and lady of the Demesne. His mother was Mary Mitchell McKersie. James's parents were originally from Belfast.
James was educated at the Grammer school, Galway, from which he passed into University College Galway as a student of engineering.

Military life

James joined the British army in 1915, he joined as an officer and ranked 2nd Lieutenant.
He was assigned to the 15th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers and was later transferred to the 12th Batt. 
He was deployed in France on the 6th of October 1915.


James was killed on the 3rd of July 1916 leading a squad in the attack on Fricourt to take some woodland called shelter wood. There are two accounts of his death one being he was killed by a sniper and the other he was killed by a piece of shell. James was very well known and respected within his battalion. When Lady of Clonbrock wrote to the inquiry department for wounded, missing and prisoners of war, she was sent a letter giving the two accounts of his death.

James was buried in Gordon Dump Cemetery.

James was remembered in a poem wrote by Lord Clonbrock as can be seen in the above picture.

James's grave in the Somme. 

My Story

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